11 people who nailed Christmas Day randomness on Twitter

11 people who nailed Christmas Day randomness on Twitter

BARCELONA, SPAIN - DECEMBER 25:  A competitor in Christmas fancy dress jumps into the sea during the 105th Barcelona Traditional Christmas Swimming Cup at the Old Harbour of Barcelona on December 25, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The Copa Nadal is organised by the Barcelona Swimming Club and involves competitors swimming across some 200 metres of water in the harbour. Launched in 1908 the event has only been suspended three times when the Spanish Civil War interrupted proceedings between 1936 and 1938.  (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) ***BESTPIX***

Sheer randomness (Picture: David Ramos/Getty Images)

Christmas is a funny time of year.

Work comes to a grinding halt, we’re fixated with buying gifts, we spend a prolonged period of time with family in a confined space. And quite frankly, it drives us all a little doolally.

Here are 11 people expressing their random side at Christmas.


1. The guy who thinks he’s Jesus


2. The worrying tweet that ended up being amazing


3. This bizarre request


4. The self-conscious unwrapper


5. The Nazi-onesie hater


6. The media outlet which made light of growing up without parents


7. The spoiled brat, and the mum who knows f*** all


8. This guy who thinks he’s a present 


9. This dashing pair of hooters


10. This terrible and shameless attempt at exploiting Christmas for business purposes


11. And the best Scrooge ever


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