2015 Is the Year Male Grooming Takes Centre Stage

2015 Is the Year Male Grooming Takes Centre Stage

I have kept myself fairly quiet for the last few months as I secretly concentrate on my next project. For the last five years I have had a fascination with male grooming and men making themselves look better. I have always been intrigued by the idea that woman can have facials and manicures, spending time shaping their eyebrows and wearing make-up, hiding or accentuating their natural look, however when a man does it, its seen as alien.

In the last 10 years with the rise of reality TV stars, footballers, world dominating boy bands and the Hollywood A-list living though the infamous selfie generation, it seems the men of the world have started to realise that making yourself look good doesn’t have to been something that only women can do. The male grooming industry has erupted in the past five years and is now a multi-million pound industry growing by the minute, with areas such as Liverpool, Newcastle, Essex and London taking president over the evolution, presenting an organic cultural advertising campaign showing men how to make themselves look good and still getting the girl.

In our new world where you find your next love, relationship, date or sex at the swipe of one photograph, men have started to learn that looking good could quite literally mean finding your next partner or not.

Not a day goes by when you don’t see news articles of how A-listers are looking good through the help of a newest product, non invasive treatment or Botox and surgery, so when I spoke to a Harley street practice and they told me they have had a 45% increase in male Botox in the last year, I realised that men are ready to embrace male grooming.

Of course there is still a stigma of men wearing concealer or getting their mono-brow plucked because no man has ever told them what to do and how to do it. The regular man may look at George Clooney and Brad Pitt and secretly wonder how they look so good, but I’m fairly certain Brad and George have been on enough film sets and in stylists company to have picked up a few tips on how the most famous men in the world can make themselves look good on and off the red carpet. The regular man doesn’t want to be seen as emasculated asking their girlfriends how to pluck their eyebrows, so here is where I come in.

I have set myself a challenge where I will show the men of Britain easy ways to make themselves look how they would love to look. This is not trying to make every man look like a Ken doll or a cast member of TOWIE, this is about helping a man who hasn’t had the chance to discover what he can do to make himself look the best he can.

Over the next couple of months I will be releasing a series of videos showing male grooming guidance, from skin to hair, facials to botox and how they can achieve confidence by making themselves look how they might have always wanted to.

My latest video is about male eyebrow grooming and how to keep them in shape.

It’s all just begun, however I promise you that 2015 is the year for male grooming and I’m going to take you on the journey.

I hope you enjoy the series of videos, good luck, and guys, remember, keep beautifying!!


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