‘Blasphemous’ semi-nude nun poster erected just in time for Pope’s visit

‘Blasphemous’ semi-nude nun poster erected just in time for Pope’s visit


A huge poster shows a model wearing jeans and part of a nun’s habit (Picture: Reuters)

It might be a good idea to cover the Pope’s eyes if he is driven past this building in Naples on an upcoming visit.

There’s an advert of a semi-nude woman dressed as a nun currently on it and only God knows what will happen should the leader of the Catholic church see it.

We doubt he’ll suddenly become a ladies’ man as he’s been celibate for many years, but the shock of seeing a holy woman exposing her flesh may send his head spinning.

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis may be in for a big shock (Picture: Getty Images)

It will also offend him and many other Catholics but the company behind it, Rosso di Sera, said this wasn’t the intention.

‘We recognize that we have made a strong marketing choice but there was no intent to blaspheme,’ the Italian clothing chain said.

‘Trivializing the act of prayer was not the intention in any way.’

Rosso di Sera put up the billboard less than two weeks before Pope Francis was due to visit the southern port city in Italy.

Let’s see if it stays up.

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