Brazen thief caught stuffing TV up her skirt and walking out of shop

Brazen thief caught stuffing TV up her skirt and walking out of shop

Did you miss it?

Watch again closely. This woman makes an entire television disappear up her skirt.

The magic trick was caught on camera at a store in Guápiles, Costa Rica.

The brazen thief is seen wandering in before stuffing the TV up the world’s most spacious skirt and walking out in a nonchalant fashion.

Police uploaded the footage to YouTube in a bid to catch the magician who, for now, is refusing to reveal her secret behind the trick.

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The Regional Delegation of Guápiles of Judicial Investigation , requires the cooperation of the public to identify women of the video, as they are required as suspicion of theft.
People are required to identify :
The first suspect is of medium build , wears white colored strapless blouse , trousers jeans and brown boots, also carrying a bag sideways .
In addition , it is required to identify his companion , the latter is responsible for committing the act , it is thick build, dark complexion , wearing a dress, women fail that no watchman at the gate and enter under his clothing a flat screen and removed from the site .
These people were captured by security cameras of an appliance store in downtown Guápiles , on Tuesday 11 November, 2014 .




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