'Broadchurch' Review Episode 4 – Escaped Hammy Moments Of Previous Weeks

'Broadchurch' Review Episode 4 – Escaped Hammy Moments Of Previous Weeks

The good news is that ‘Broadchurch‘ Episode 4 came and went without any more particularly hammy moments that had beset previous weeks, and with the story moving on sufficiently, including Hardy’s return to Sandbrook, the root of his personal woes after his worst professional defeat. Until… guess what, an ex-wife appeared, there was only one hotel room available for him and Miller. Doris Day and Rock Hudson had fewer clichés to contend with than these two.

Lee Ashworth – good or bad? You decide

The bad news is these forsaken courtroom scenes – legal inaccuracies notwithstanding – continuing to drag every episode backwards. The problem is, if Joe Miller’s guilty, then the whole of the second series amounts to a big so-what. But if he’s innocent, that’s the whole of the first series we have to tear up. Either way, it’s not going to be satisfactory. And as for that judge’s wig…

Worse news, still, is that jolly hockeysticks defence barrister gambolling around like an Agatha Christie amateur sleuth, convinced of her client’s guilt, and deciding merrily, “we also need an alternate killer.” There’ll surely be time for a knock of tennis before tea-time, what? No wonder her more prosaic colleague’s eyes are gazing out to sea on yet another cliff walk.

Detective Hardy’s luck isn’t showing signs of improving any time soon

Surprisingly, it’s Lee Ashworth, with his gum, wife-beater vest and hammer – how DOES he make a living? – who’s increasingly able to offer a more striking, unpredictable strand to this patchy series. Him and the very welcome Pauline Quirke. Bet you didn’t see THAT one coming!




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