Burglar feeds dog and makes a cup of coffee during incredibly relaxed break-in

Burglar feeds dog and makes a cup of coffee during incredibly relaxed break-in

We fostered Pepe through Austin Pets Alive! In 2011. He was a very scared dog who was hit by a car and his hind legs were still tender. It took him a couple of months and the friendship of another dog at his forever home to finally get him to come around.

The dog (not pictured) was presumably less upset than his owners about the break-in (Picture: Getty)

A couple returned to their home recently to find they had become the victims of a bizarre break-in.

After finding their home ransacked, the couple from Ohio also discovered the intruder had made some coffee, smoked a cigarette and even fed their dog some bologna.

Although their dog was presumably quite happy, the couple weren’t, as a DVD player, a video games console and prescription drugs had been stolen from their home.

Police say the intruder broke into the flat through a side door and commented that they were ‘quite comfortable while they were there’.

Ironically the couple were talking to police while the break-in was taking place, as they had been picked up by officers earlier in the day on an outstanding warrant.

One of the other residents in the block of flats suggested a possible suspect, and police say they are investigating the incident.

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