Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Is Perez Hilton the Real Victim in the House of Hate?

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Is Perez Hilton the Real Victim in the House of Hate?

There are probably many out there that view Celebrity Big Brother as a fascinating insight in to the psychologies and actions of the nation’s playgrounds. The school child mentality of some of the contestants is plain to see as they think that they have carte blanche to say what they like, no matter how nasty or incendiary. Whilst there may be bullying issues across the country that have to be addressed at school level, will anyone step in or stand up to the ones in the house?

The concern is whilst the sticks and stones that accompany words of hate among our children are sometimes said without the knowledge of how damaging their actions can be, in the Big Brother house, there is a deliberate ploy to be hurtful with the full knowledge and intention to crawl right under another’s skin.

So the question is now, has Perez Hilton become the real victim in this series’ house of hate?

When Noel Coward delighted the masses with his song Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun over 80 years ago, it formed a perception around the world about the eccentricities of the British soul. From comedy to music to television shows, dear ol’ Blighty has delighted and confounded in equal amounts over the years but the omnipresent feeling was that this was a country that celebrated the weird and wonderful and embraced those that maybe don’t have the full shilling.

Over the past couple of weeks it has definitely become apparent that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton may well fall in to this category as he portrays an image of self-indulgence that has riled his fellow housemates to the verge of physical attack.

Could it be though that he is just really proficient in unravelling the personalities of those there with him and with this ultimately being ‘just a game show’, is playing them for who they really are and showing the viewers a side of his housemates that they were hoping would not be revealed?

It is pretty clear that Katie Hopkins does not like being an extra in the ‘Perez Hilton Show’ and is using her sharp tongue to try and cut him down to size. The torment that has engulfed her has meant that she has had to go foraging well below the belt to try and find a spot of weakness where she can hurt Hilton.

The engineered alienation of Perez and his associates, namely Nadia Sawalha, has been as calculated as the inferred chant of ‘Get Perez Out’ that the baying crowds now sing with gusto everytime there is a live show. The problem is that the bully cannot crack him and despite enlisting support from Cami Li, among others, there doesn’t seem a way through Hilton’s thick skin.

It’s true that he might not be everyone’s cup of tea and he didn’t do himself any favours with the manic behaviour that finally drove Alexander O’Neal from the house. Hilton’s goading was difficult to watch but he can argue that the name of the game is to be the last one standing and if that meant helping to show O’Neal the door with some borderline schizophrenic behaviour, then that is what he did.

Naturally it made Perez a pariah in the eyes of his housemates but has it really justified the ritual bullying he has been subjected to ever since?

Katie Hopkins was always going to be a controversial figure but it seems that she only has eyes for Hilton now as she looks to make his life a living hell. The problem is that all she is doing is subjecting herself to days of torment as she gets eaten up by the desire to be top dog and put Perez in his place.

It seems that the message coming from the house is that you are not welcome if you are ‘different’ and with Hopkins trying to hound out Hilton and his hanger-ons, it is not looking like she will start seeing the light and realise that there may be a lot out there that cannot take to Perez’s antics but there is nothing more ugly than a bully.



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