'Celebrity Big Brother': India Willoughby's Dalek Confession Stuns Fans (And Amanda Barrie!)

'Celebrity Big Brother': India Willoughby's Dalek Confession Stuns Fans (And Amanda Barrie!)

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ fans were left stunned on Monday night (8 January), as housemate India Willoughby made a candid sexual confession involving a Dalek.

India, who is transgender, made the revelation during a discussion with her fellow housemates about how she experienced sex differently before her transition.

After explaining that she’d not had sex as a woman, she went on to share with the group the first time she felt “a fluttering” since undergoing gender confirmation surgery, and the unlikely sci-fi source of said “fluttering”.

She explained: “I had my surgery in September. And then it got to Christmas Day, and it was the ‘Doctor Who’ special. And I was watching that with my tea in my lap, just eating away… and this Dalek came on screen, and then weirdly I just felt this… fluttery sort of twinge.”

When Rachel Johnson questioned whether she was actually “attracted” to a Dalek, India commented: “Almost. It was weird! But it was a really nice feeling… but it’s a lot better, I much prefer the fun side, if you get my meaning.”

Each to their own, we say, but we must admit Amanda Barrie’s face was an absolute picture as India told her Dalek-based anecdote…

If we’re going to have a showmance this year please let it involve India and a Dalek and not Ginuwine and Ashley #cbb
Did India get turnt on…. by a dalek? I mean each to their own I guess 🙈 #CBB
Just when you thought India couldn’t get any more outrageous, she’s admitted to to finding a dalek attractive! 😳#CBB #BBUK pic.twitter.com/GPR3pSEr8O
When India says she felt tingles after seeing a Dalek during the Doctor Who christmas special #CBB https://t.co/6PGjs8tQ22
David Tennant or Matt Smith I get. Peter Capaldi I could get on board with…but a bloody DALEK? Oh India… #cbb
Omg @amandabarrie11 face was hilarious listening to India saying she got flutters over a Dalek 😂😂😂 @bbuk I just don’t know what to say 🙈#CBBUK
Amanda’s face was absolutely priceless when India was talking about how Dalek turn her on #CBB #CBBUK pic.twitter.com/dP9M695USz
Hahahah Amanda’s face when India admitted being turned on by a dalek#CBB
It’s not just India’s Dalek-related “twinges” that have had ‘CBB’ fans talking about, with her phobia of drag queens dominating much of the action in the most recent instalment.

The divisive TV presenter wound up coming under fire when she compared the art of drag to black face, saying she felt that seeing housemate Andrew Brady as alter-ego Betty Swollocks was comparable with a “black and white minstrel show”.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.



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