Copper’s bike nicked while he’s on training course about stolen vehicles

Copper’s bike nicked while he’s on training course about stolen vehicles
A Warwickshire Police officer has had his personal motorbike pinched - while attending a stolen vehicle course. A member of the force's Rural Crime Team was relieved of his ride while he and a colleague studied a three-day course on how to identify stolen vehicles, even after offenders have adjusted or removed Vehicle Identification Numbers or other markings.
A CCTV camera captured the moment the motorbike was stolen (Picture: BPM)

In today’s lesson about the definition of irony, a police officer’s motorbike has been taken by thieves while he was attending a course about stolen vehicles.

The unnamed PC from Warwickshire was left red-faced while on the three-day training session with a colleague in Swindon on Saturday.

His unfortunate circumstances were tweeted by his colleagues who said: ‘The irony isn’t lost on us!! One of our Rural Crime Team officers had his personal motorbike stolen…..while he was attending a “Stolen Vehicle Examiner & Identification Course”.

‘Unfortunately, three unknown offenders stole the officer’s bike at a hotel in the Swindon area during the early hours.

‘Fortunately, the officer had fitted a disc lock, steering lock, immobiliser and three separate tracking devices to the bike that immediately disabled the bike on it being moved.’

The bike was recovered a short distance away but had suffered a bit of damage.

It’s electronic safety features had prevented the thieves from getting away with the bike.

A spokesman said: ‘After securing the bike, both officers attended the final day of training

‘We’re happy to report that they both passed the course, making them accredited stolen vehicle examiners for the team and Warwickshire Police.’

They added: ‘No one is immune to criminality, but let’s make it as hard as possible for offenders to get away with our pride and joy.’

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