Could this Geisha android be the very first robot sex doll?

Could this Geisha android be the very first robot sex doll?

Robot, Geisha

Girlfriend material? The Chihira Aico communication android robot (Picture: Rex)

Feeling lonely? Don’t worry, you could soon have your own personal robot lover to take care of you.

Toshiba has developed a Japanese Geisha-bot that will sing, talk to you – and potentially do a bit more.

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Robot, Geisha

The public was amazed (Picture: AP)

ChihiraAico was unveiled by manufacturers Toshiba at the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

They say the robot is capable of displaying realistic emotions and could in the future be trained to look after humans – paving the way for androids to replace workers such as nurses or carers for the elderly.

At the show, the robot looked quite fetching in her demure pink outfit and cardigan – but there was no getting away from her eerie, dead-behind-the-eyes stare (hopefully that will be improved in the future).

While Toshiba say ChihiraAico has the most realistic expressions and movements of any android out there, they admit that they have not yet perfected the technology.

In other words, you’re not likely to be able to pass her off as a real girlfriend down the pub any time soon.

But don’t worry – they are working on it.

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