Deep-fried cauliflower shaped like the UK served at ‘patriotic’ restaurant

Deep-fried cauliflower shaped like the UK served at ‘patriotic’ restaurant
cauliflower wings
The cauliflower wings are pretty much the spitting image of the UK (Picture: Google/Twitter @whiskersmouse)

A pair of hungry diners were left stunned after being served up some patriotic-looking cauliflower wings in the shape of the UK.

Graham and Cathy Bloye were tucking into the wings at The Stanborough Beefeater in Welwyn Garden City when they made the bizarre discovery.

One of the wings looks like the spitting image of the UK mainland, while the smaller one looks like Ireland and Northern Ireland, reports Welwyn Hatfield Times.

The photo was posted on Twitter by their Whiskers Mouse Twitter account, with the caption: ‘Hey @beefeatergrill do you ever worry your Cauliflower Popcorn is overly nationalistic? #thestanborough #welwyngardencity.’

But some people on social media had a bone to pick and believe there are some important parts of the UK missing out.

Mason Alexander Bear tweeted in surprise: ‘Where’s the Isle of Wight?’

Meanwhile, Whiskers Mouse noticed another important island missing by replying: ‘And the Isle of Man!’

They were found at The Stanborough Beefeater, Welwyn Garden City (Picture: Google)
cauliflower wings
They bare a rather uncanny resemblance to the UK (Picture: Twitter@whiskersmouse)

Graham and Cathy are not the only people discovering the shape of the UK in food.

A man took to Reddit last July to share his unusual culinary creation: a bacon rasher that perfectly forms the shape of the UK.

But while it’s clear the crispy rasher shows off Wales, East Anglia appears to be sliced off a little.

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