Do you love feeling a knob? If so, this website is for you

Do you love feeling a knob? If so, this website is for you

If you enjoy the feeling of twisting and turning a knob and appreciating its texture (no, not like that), then this blog is for you.

Knob Feel is a review blog that provides a weekly review of the knobs on different stereos, hi-fis and radios, alongside a YouTube video showing the twiddling of a new knob for your pleasure.

If the videos are anything to go by, the owner of the blog is every bit as aware of the obvious joke as you might expect, giving a series of aroused ‘oohs’ and ‘ah’s throughout each video.

Speaking to the Mirror, the creator of the blog, who prefers to go by the dubious title ‘Knob Feeler’, said: ‘The idea came from a childhood habit.

‘Whenever I’d approach anything with a knob or buttons, I’d be unable to resist giving it a feel. The name just came organically as me and my colleagues spoke about the idea.’

He has also said that he had only planned to record two or three videos, but their unexpected popularity meant that he decided to continue the series.

He added: ‘People seem to care about the items being reviewed as much as I do, and I’ve had people tell me they have made purchases based on my review’.

Mr Knob Feeler, who perhaps unsurprisingly, works in a hi-fi store, now plans to extend the series by reviewing the knobs in cars, as well as home appliances such as thermostats.

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