Dog chilling in a car wearing sunglasses – like a boss

Dog chilling in a car wearing sunglasses – like a boss

The morning commute can be a b*tch, as this dog knows only too well.

All you can do is chuck on the sunnies, stick your head out and enjoy some laid-back tunes.

It seems our canine companions have somewhat of a tendency towards whiling away time during car journeys wearing shades to the comic enjoyment of fellow road-users.

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Here are just a few other dogs getting caught on video rolling deep with their sunglasses on:

This canine knows to really feel the speed you have to get the tongue out.

Going for the Kanye West no smiling look is always an option.

This white dog keeps his eyes on the road, can you ever fully trust human drivers.

The subtle nodding to the tunes is always a sign of the inner Fonzie.

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(Picture: YouTube)

You hear me rolling…(Picture: YouTube)







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