Fancy spending £700,000 on a night out? Now you can

Fancy spending £700,000 on a night out? Now you can

Doesn't it look fun, kids? (Picture: Drai Nightclub)

Doesn’t it look fun, kids? (Picture: Drai Nightclub)

If you’ve got more money than sense and you regularly enjoy spending moronic amounts of cash on a night out, then here’s one for you.

A nightclub in Las Vegas is offering a VIP package, which costs $1 million for a night of unrivalled debauchery.

Drai Nightclub are offering the ‘Moby Dick’ package, which gives the buyer an exclusive yacht party and 300 bottles of eye-wateringly expensive champagne.

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The buyer is also given the option to set sail from Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco, and can bring 40 guests aboard.

Oh, and you also get to control your own firework display so you can remind your pauper friends of just how stinking rich you are.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford the hefty price tag though, as the cheapest packages are just a drop in the ocean at $250,000.


Jordan Belfort would be proud.



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