Feminist Role Model Emerges in CBB's Cami

Feminist Role Model Emerges in CBB's Cami

This week on Celebrity Big Brother, I think we discovered a new feminist role model. You may not be expecting this – neither was I – but it’s Cami Li.

Perez Hilton, apparently under the impression that he was directing performers in a televised Human Zoo, brought to you by the makers of Babestation, suggested Cami Li and fellow glamour model Chloe Goodman lez it up for the viewers. Presumably he thinks CBB viewers comprise the readership of The Sunday Sport and want to see the large breasted pretty lady get off with the other large breasted pretty lady.

As both Chloe and Cami Li identify as heterosexual, Perez wasn’t simply suggesting a showmance – he was suggesting they engage in sexually arousing behaviour, not for their own gratification, but for the titillation of male viewers.

Cami Li raged. She made it clear she wasn’t about to bin her integrity by acting out a clich├ęd male fantasy in response to Perez’s call to, “dance, monkey, dance!” She also made it crystal clear she likes men – specifically, cock – and wasn’t about to lez off, in the hope of providing enough wank fodder to stave off eviction.

Disappointingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, another bout of slut-shaming erupted on Twitter, in which she was vilified for staking a claim to self-respect and dignity. Tweets included:

“Self respect and morals lol have you seen what you’re wearing Cami?”

“So #CBBCamiLi won’t degrade herself… whilst declaring how deep and hard she loves the cock she so enjoys”

“I’m not going to degrade myself… but “I love dick… the deeper the penetration!” Yup you’re all class”

“Yep don’t degrade yourself Cami oh and don’t bend over either because we’ll see what you had for dinner…”

“Perez is a class tit for sure, but did we all hear Camis beautiful ‘dick’ speech? #Notdegradingatall”

Are we still in the Victorian era, when women had to pretend sex was endured as a wifely duty? It’s 2015 and a woman is being ridiculed and slut-shamed for dually taking ownership of her sexuality – “I love cock” – and refusing to degrade herself by man-pleasing with a show of faux lesbianism. I think we should applaud her.

While we’re up on our chairs with Caitlin Moran, declaring, “I am a strident feminist” let’s give some support to Cami Li, for making a stand for sexual autonomy. You know what Cami Li? I like cock too. Anyone else? Here’s a special edition declaration to show solidarity with Cami Li: “I am a strident feminist and I like cock.”



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