Game Of Thrones Exhibition At London's O2 Is All Kinds Of Fantastic

Game Of Thrones Exhibition At London's O2 Is All Kinds Of Fantastic

Not that you’l need reminding but season five of ‘Game of Thrones’ is only two months away.

As anticipation build into fever pitch an exhibition dedicated to the incredible show has just opened at the O2.

There are props and costumes…

And actors who look only a little like the real thing…

Who then went and ruined the whole illusion even further by ordering lattes…

Bu the real star of the show is this chap….

Cue White Walker selfie extravaganza…

You get the idea. rather fantastically a few people took it one step further.

The Iron Throne also made an appearance meaning fans of the show could pose sitting uncomfortably in a really uncomfortable looking chair.

The newest installment of the hit fantasy show will be gracing American television screens on 12 April, which means we’ll probably see it in the UK the day after.

What can we expect from Season 5? (NO spoilers)

Aside from lots and lots of bloodshed, there’s a few things we know for certain.

There’ll be a lot of new characters, as storylines from the vastly unpopular ‘A Feast For Crows’ book by George R. R. Martin are folded in.

We can also expect to see the coastal region of Dorne make an appearance, as well as five new Dornish characters (if a leaked casting call can be believed).

Speculation also suggests Tyrion Lannister might be going into hiding after he was forced to flee King’s Landing.




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