Gotcha! This is how to deal with nosey passengers on airplanes

Gotcha! This is how to deal with nosey passengers on airplanes

We all know how annoying it can be when we’re aware that someone is peering over our shoulder in a public place in order to catch a glimpse of our laptop screens.

But a nosey airline passenger was busted as he attempted to peer at the private messages of the man sitting next to him, who was capturing his every move on a hidden camera.

In the hilarious footage, the curious flyer can be seen subtly glancing over at James Grande’s laptop screen, but immediately pretends to look out the plane window when he suspects that he’s been caught.

Busted! (Picture: James Grande/YouTube)

Busted! (Picture: James Grande/YouTube)

Explaining the video, James said: ‘I was on the internet chatting with friends on Facebook.

‘And this guy would not stop being nosey.

‘Every time I’d turn my head he’d pretend he wasn’t looking. It was so ridiculous that I had to catch it on film.’

By the end of the clip, the man has even put on a pair of glasses in order to read the screen clearly, but is eventually outed by James.

Thankfully, he laughs about the whole thing, although it remains to be seen whether he continued after being busted.



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