Green cat finally gets washed

Green cat finally gets washed

Video:  Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (4275072b)  The green cat  Bright green stray cat on streets of Varna, Bulgaria - 04 Dec 2014  FELINE A LITTLE BIT GREEN...  The extraordinary sight of this bright green cat on the streets of Varna has caused a certain amount of uproar in the Black Sea resort town.  Because of the assumption that the cat was painted in green by a vandal a facebook group named "Punishment to the the perpetrator of this criminal act!" appeared online.   But in fact the emerald green cat is this hue reportedly because it usually sleeps on an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage.

Hang on a minute, cats aren’t green (Picture: Rex)

A mystery, which left residents of a small coastal town scratching their heads, has been solved as the moggy come to be known simply as green cat finally had a wash.

Locals in the Black Sea resort of Varna, Bulgaria, assumed the unusually coloured kitty had been abducted when she seemingly vanished from town.

However, a rational mind soon deducted that the rain has simply stripped away the emerald tinge from her fluffy coat, as a similar looking cat with green ears was spotted. Phew!

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (4366457a)  Combo photo showing the green cat before and after it was washed  Green cat is washed by animal rescue team, Varna, Bulgaria - 08 Jan 2015  Not feline quite so green! The green cat that caused a stir online after being spotted in the Bulgarian city of Varna is not feeling quite so green anymore. For the famous puss has been given a wash by an animal rescue team allowing its natural fur colour to be seen for the first time. However, remnants of its former self can be seen thanks to a few green patches that remain, namely on its ears and chest. When images of the cat first emerged they were greeted by outrage, with people believing that it had deliberately been painted. However, it turns out that the animal has its unusual sleeping location to thank for its colouring. The cat spends its nights in an old garage where it snoozes on some old green paint left there are construction work. Licking its body then ensured that the whole of its body got covered and turned it a lurid shade of green.

Locals originally assumed the green cat has been abducted (Picture: Rex)

In December last year, the green moggy suddenly appeared, leading Varna residents to believe she has been cruelly spray painted by vandals and prompted a Facebook campaign to track down those responsible.

It was later discovered that the poor puss had coloured itself after sleeping in green paint.

We can all rest easy knowing green cat is alive and well… Although it may be a while longer before her odd colouring fades once and for all.

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