Is Josie Cunningham Really 'Britain's Most Hated Woman?'

Is Josie Cunningham Really 'Britain's Most Hated Woman?'

Josie Cunningham – famous for being given a boob job on the NHS. I said it back then and I’ll say it again; she’s not the only person to have cosmetic surgery on the NHS and she won’t be the last. Why does a childhood destroyed by bullying and the decision of an NHS doctor, make her ‘the most hated person in Britain?’ There are plenty of other people living off the state when they’re perfectly capable of working, women who have a constant stream of pregnancies and openly admit they do it for the benefits lifestyle – so why is Josie Cunningham the victim of such abuse?

It must be said, she doesn’t help herself. Being conned by a man pretending to be a footballer, being ‘promoted’ by a detestable man who encourages people to hate her by tweeting ridiculous lies, leading questions and throwing in the odd spelling mistake, on purpose, for good measure. She may be naive and at times not the most socially aware woman in the public eye, but why does that mean it’s acceptable to treat her like she’s barely even human?

The programme shown on Channel 4 – Josie Cunningham: The Most Hated Woman In Britain, shows Josie as a very down to earth girl, with supportive parents and despite not making the best decisions, she makes it clear throughout the documentary, that everything she does, is for her kids – and I completely buy it. Her agent on the other hand, encourages her to get out of the car to ‘pretend she had forgotten something’ to ensure the press had their ‘money shot’ the exact day she had just given birth to her baby girl. She may be fame-hungry herself but she clearly wanted to just go home and enjoy her baby after her hard work, rather than parading herself around for photographers on the beck and call of her agent.

In regards to the whole ‘tickets to see her give birth’ story, I strongly believe that this was too, her agent’s idea as she didn’t seem too pleased about the suggestion and it was the agent himself who had ‘leaked’ this story to the press – of course meaning financial gain for himself which seems to be his sole concern in life. Josie claimed ‘It’s not that different to One Born Every Minute‘ and while I don’t think the idea is a brilliant one, she is right! The focus was far less graphic than that of One Born Every Minute and who are the public to tell her she can’t do things like that? Perhaps not commendable, but still her prerogative.

Overall, what right does her actions give people to tweet her such detestable abuse? Putting down not only her actions, which may be borderline acceptable to mock, but her physical appearance – which was the reason behind her boob job and insecurities in the first place – her accent, her lifestyle, her family. The funniest part of the whole programme was Josie’s sense of humour and light-hearted take on such vile internet trolling.

The irony is, most of the men who went out of their way to record this disgusting abuse via video, were no oil paintings themselves. Considering we live in a society that is passionately against bullying, the public and the media are doing a very good job of contradicting themselves when it comes to Josie. I say high five to her for providing for her children in any way she can, this seems to be a case of not being able to win as she’s labelled a scrounger when she’s given a boob job on the NHS but then still called the same abhorrent names whilst putting up with so much hatred in order to earn money with which she’s bringing up her children. The poor girl has never done anything to hurt anyone and certainly hasn’t done anything to deserve to be hated – perhaps disliked upon personal opinion, but ‘hate’ is unnecessary and the people who bully her in this manner are just as vulgar as they claim that Josie is.

Far be it from an Atheist to quote the bible but as a child I was always taught ‘Let he without sin cast the first stone.’ Who are you to judge?



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