Is Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton's Relationship the Showmance of 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

Is Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton's Relationship the Showmance of 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

Every series of Big Brother and its Celebrity sibling has the possibility of romance hanging over the housemates. Speculation will be rife as the press pick apart the contestants profiles in the hope of performing a little matchmaking, so that they can herald the fact that they corrected predicted the coupling when they finally come together.

We haven’t had the fairy tale this series of Celebrity Big Brother that matches the show’s theme and many presumed that lothario Calum Best would go all dewy eyed for glamour model Chloe Goodman.

There were some that even went as far as to suggest that the two of them had been picked because there would be a good chance of rumpy-pumpy that would boost the amount of viewers tuning in.

Fortunately for the producers, despite Goodman’s departure in the first eviction, there has been the small matter of Katie Hopkins role in the ‘Perez Hilton Show’ to keep everyone occupied and this could have inadvertedly produced a ‘showmance’ that no-one would’ve predicted.

It is often thought that absence makes the heart grow fonder and it looks like there may have been a part of Katie Hopkins that was delighted that her sparring partner had returned to the house to wreak more havoc in only the way that Perez Hilton can.

There is a fine line between love and hate and whereas Hopkins would love to hate Hilton, there is no sign that she will let up in leaving him alone and her actions seems to be reciprocated as Perez looks to get in her face as much as Hopkins was to him before he took on a secret task to stage a walkout, before spying on his fellow housemates from a separate room.

A love/hate relationship thrives on serious conflicts and incompatible personalities and these two are the epitome of this term as their egos continue to collide.

It may not be a ‘showmance’ in the way that Cami Li is taking opportunities to get up close and personal to Calum Best but without Perez in the house, it felt like Katie Hopkins might be in danger of actually becoming sterile and nice to people. Fortunately the equilibrium has been restored.

Hopefully for the sake of the viewers the relationship between the two of them will return to the resemblance of Andy Capp being admonished by his rolling pin wielding spouse. The Benny Hill-esque chase around the house and garden left it looking like they would get dangerously close to becoming physical with each other and if there is anything that will make viewers sympathise with the often maligned Hopkins and that would be the sight of seeing her being licked down the face by Hilton.

It seems that they will both be eternally nominated for eviction, so to have a chance to win the whole shebang, they both really need to stay in there together as they provide the emotional electricity to make each other work.

Perez may have said that he doesn’t care for the British public but it’s the same public that so despises Katie Hopkins so much and it could be that she pays the price for previous misdemeanours before she walked in to the Big Brother house.

It feels like the two of them are now inextricably linked along with their chances of winning the series and no matter how much they protest about the other’s existence, it has come to a stage in the process that part of them will be lost of the other is evicted.

It may be the coupling that they will both refuse to acknowledge but it will be a sure-fire certainty that for weeks after the show has finished, they will still be talking about each other as they continue to try to fool themselves and the world outside that wouldn’t care to see or hear about each other ever again.

Every fairy tale requires a wicked witch and a Prince Charming but will the twist in this story be that these are the two that end up saving each other whilst leaving the Princess to the mercy of the voting public.



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