Jaws: Someone got inventive with their baby’s crib

Jaws: Someone got inventive with their baby’s crib

Jaws crib

We don’t blame you for crying (Picture: Mark Melaccio/Facebook)

It’s hard enough being a baby without your uncle making you sleep in a terrifying shark crib.

Two-month-old Michael Joseph Melaccio had to brave the scary looking bed after his uncle Joseph Reginella decided to make it for him because he loves Jaws.

‘I’ve been waiting to put this kid in here for months!’ he wrote on Facebook.

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Jaws crib

It’s all good now (Picture: Mark Melaccio/Facebook)

Mikey’s dad Mark Melaccio was complicit in the making of the haunting crib, which may have seemed like a betrayal.

But after viewing more pictures, it became apparent baby Mikey actually loved his new bed.

He could be seen smiling despite the shark appearing to gobble him up.

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