Kids Drawings Of The Cars Of The Future Show How Forward-Thinking They Are

Kids Drawings Of The Cars Of The Future Show How Forward-Thinking They Are

Cars have come on a long way in recent years with developments in driverless models and those powered by electricity rather than petrol. But according to children, the cars of the future will go far beyond our current dreams: they will be powered by chocolate, with touch-screen doors, magnetic hover plates and rainbow headlights.

A group of kids were asked to draw their ideal car of the future, by insurance comparison site, Go Compare. They then asked an illustrator to bring the sketches to life. We’ve featured five of our favourites below (you can find the full set of 10 here). 

Which one would you drive?

The Unicar – by Danielle, 11.

The car is made out of metal that can change colour. It has multi-coloured wings that help the car function underwater and it is fitted with a “turbo boost” for extra speed. The headlights are fitted with eyelash cameras, naturally.

The Beast Racer 210 – by Harnitha, 11.

The Beast Racer is a flying car. It has wings for the “hover flight” mode. This vehicle also has the ability to function on both land and water and has the added benefit of glowing in the dark. 

The Candy Robo Car – by Isla, six.

The best part of this car? It’s fuelled by chocolate. It also has windows with an x-ray view. The car is actually driven by the pod on the top, which is surrounded by a garden. There’s a robot assistant on the roof to help you, and you can choose to drive on whichever side of the car you wish – so no more awkward reversing into parking spaces. 

The Hennessy K Cell GT – by Kyre, 11.

This car runs on a generator which holds 11,000 volts of electricity. The two back wheels are connected to the electric generator. All four wheels can be tucked in and the alloys turn into helicopter propellers, enabling the car to fly. 

The Rainbow Convertable 3000 – by Charlotte, 12.

One of our favourites, this vehicle functions as a home as well as a car, and the wings allow it to fly to avoid traffic jams – because who doesn’t want that?

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