Man buys £5000 car using just coins

Man buys £5000 car using just coins


Sales people counting the coins (Picture: Rex)

We’ve all scraped together a few coins to buy something but this is taking it to the limit.

A man in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China, decided to pay for his new 51,800 Yuan (£5,552) car using just coins.

According to the salesman, the customer warned him about the currency he intended to use before placing the order, so he can’t really be annoyed.

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They counted for a while Picture: Rex)

‘He said he’ll pay in petty cash. I thought it was old and small notes, but never expected they are all in small denomination coins,’ he said.

The 51,800 Yuan the man used was made up of 0.1 Yuan, 0.5 Yuan, and 1 Yuan coins, with the 20,000 Yuan deposit alone filling four nylon bags that weighed 150kg.

The auto shop had to organise eight sales people to spend the whole afternoon counting the money.

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The coins amounted to more than £5000 Picture: Rex)

According to the contract, the customer will pay the remaining price in three days and they’ll be hoping he brings a cheque.

The coins were from the man’s business but he did not specify what that business was.

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