Man digging dog loo in garden discovers ‘image of Jesus on rock’

Man digging dog loo in garden discovers ‘image of Jesus on rock’

Jesus Christ, Phil Coby

Phil Coby swears it’s Jesus Christ (Picture: SWNS)

If Jesus Christ was proven to be real it would rock the world – so what better way for him to send a message than appearing as, you guessed it, a rock.

Phil Coby, 54, from West Kilbride in Ayrshire, Scotland, claimed to have pulled a stone from his back garden with an apparition that looked just like the Son of God.

The rock has already been hailed a ‘natural phenomenon, verging on a miracle’ since its accidental discovery before Christmas.

Mr Coby had been digging a dog loo in his back garden when he found the dirty rock at a depth of two-and-a half feet.

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Phil Coby, Jesus Christ

Can you see Jesus yet? (Picture: SWNS)

‘It was buried next to the roots of the trees. It must have been found for a reason. Other people might have thrown it away but I gave it a good rub,’ Mr Coby said.

‘I showed it to my son and asked “who is that?” He said “Jesus”.’

Mr Coby added he was first intrigued by its unusual shape in which he believed to make out a head.

But the father-of-three was left stunned when the clean stone revealed a shape apparently resembling a long-haired Jesus wearing a robe.

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