Mother’s horror as her kid spells out ‘s**t’ in alphabet toy

Mother’s horror as her kid spells out ‘s**t’ in alphabet toy

When your young child is learning the alphabet, it’s always handy to have a bright, friendly, and educational toy that might just speed them along on the road to their ABC’s.

But make sure that you’re aware of the toy’s capabilities, unlike this woman – who was left shocked when her child’s building blocks spelt out ‘s**t’.

Mum Roseanne Almanzar became aware of the gaffe when her son started saying the profanity as he learnt the alphabet.

A-B-Shit (Picture: YouTube)

A-B-Shit (Picture: YouTube)

And when she proceeded to examine the toy, she discovered that the swear word was emblazoned on the side of the toy.

‘I suddenly heard him say ‘s**t’, she explained.

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‘And after asking him to repeat it just to make sure I’d heard right, I then asked him where he heard it and he replied, ‘I’m just doing the ABCs’.



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