My Views on Fox Hunting

My Views on Fox Hunting

So it’s 10 years since the hunting ban was voted in. I wasn’t aware of it being a whole 10 years. Crikey, that’s an entire decade and I don’t look a year older. Anyone who thinks I’ve had a facelift are talking out of their Botox and I do have my own teeth… in a jar by the bed. Ha ha!

But people always want to know my views on this matter since I am a talking fox… an urbane fox as opposed to an urban fox – fox royalty you might say.

Most foxes want to get back to the countryside… I just want to get back to the hotel and one with big bins and a natural Jacuzzi in the room… ie run a bath and eat a can of baked beans, then let nature take its course.

As for important matters such as fox hunting, I like to leave all the big decisions to grown ups… they are meant to be the sensible ones.

I was once chased by men in red coats a number of years ago, I just hadn’t paid my bill at Butlins. They were quite insistent, and now I perform regularly for them at Minehead and Bognor… ha ha Boom Boom!!

But I once chased a couple of foxes myself in the early nineties. Kylie Minogue, was one that actually let me catch her, ‘I should be so lucky… lucky… Lucky.’ She did ‘spin me around’ and then sent me packing… So thanks for asking.

Some things in life should be taken very seriously. I am not one of them. However, I do take my comedy on stage very seriously, so I must get back to my panto at the Theatre Royal Windsor and get ready for my Full On Fox Tour 2015.

And thankfully this year’s panto is not ‘Cinderella’ with its famous red-coated dance sequence, it’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, (no I’m not the Beast), and with the castle opposite I can always rummage through some very posh bins and disguise myself as a corgi for a very tasty Christmas dinner from Her Majesty…

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