New wetsuit looks like an actual… suit

New wetsuit looks like an actual… suit

Men always look sharper in a good suit, but a true gentleman knows that dapper attire shouldn’t be hidden away in the office.

Wear a dinner jacket to a pub crawl? Sure. Don a three-piece suit to gym? You better believe it.

Well now you can make some of the dreams a reality by wearing a suit to go surfing.

Quicksilver has developed what they called the ‘true wetsuit’ – a suit made from wetsuit material that can keep you looking sharp and feeling warm while out catching some waves.

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It’s a novel idea, and the jersey neoprene they are made out of does actually act like a normal wetsuit to keep surfers warm and protect them from board-rub, however we wouldn’t recommend wearing it to a business meeting minutes after leaving the ocean.

They cost $2,500 each (£1,600), and even come with a tie – but it might be a good idea to tell the lifeguard before you go in for a dip wearing one, he might think you got very lost on the way to the office.

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