NHS Staff Aren't Holding Back With Their Opinions On Jeremy Hunt's New Job Title

NHS Staff Aren't Holding Back With Their Opinions On Jeremy Hunt's New Job Title

Jeremy Hunt has not only kept his job as Health Secretary but has had “and Social Care” added to his title and by the looks of things is very pleased with himself.
Some reports of what was a shambolic reshuffle from the very beginning have suggested the new longer title wasn’t quite what Theresa May had in mind when she invited Hunt to 10 Downing Street this afternoon, raising one pertinent question.

The reshuffle is now in serious trouble. Hunt was supposed to emerge from No10 as the new Business Secretary. Appears Greg Clark has refused to budge.
Leadership woes aside, what appears to be a promotion for Hunt has caused a bit of controversy.

It had been widely speculated he could be moved sideways to a different department as the Government comes under increasing criticism for the severe winter pressures on the NHS which have seen thousands of operations postponed.

Instead, he’s been given even more responsibility.

So not content to keep @Jeremy_Hunt in hardest job in government at health, she doubles his pain by giving him responsibility for social care too. Will anyone feel sorry for him?

January 8, 2018
One group who don’t appear to be feeling sorry for him are the NHS staff who took to Twitter to voice their disapproval, one of whom was hoping for an early birthday present.
Come on life, give me the best bday present I could hope for: a new secretary for health #cabinetreshuffle
So @Jeremy_Hunt has gone from being the minister not taking responsibility for the health service to being the minister not taking responsibility for either health or social care #CabinetReshuffle #Newspeak

January 8, 2018
That Jeremy Hunt is allowed to remain as Health Secretary given his history with the NHS, and take on social care at a time of the worst #NHScrisis in history- is further reminder that Theresa May endorses his track record & cares not one jot for the public.#cabinetreshuffle

January 8, 2018
Hunt gets social care added in. Proving you get a promotion if you cut something enough 👍
It is so upsetting to pass multiple ambulances queued up outside an ED and know that Theresa May has effectively just rewarded the architect of all this. #NHSCrisis

January 8, 2018
Even those who haven’t entered the care sector proper were dismayed.
Just heard that somehow Jeremy Hunt has kept his job and has had social care added to it 🤣😂😂😂
I say this as a student social worker. Hope @Jeremy_Hunt is ready for us…
Jeremy Hunt’s promotion by adding social care to his role is a complete insult to my patients & colleagues. I’m livid Mrs May seems resolute in her wanton destruction of the NHS & social care. What a way to literally kill 2 birds with 1 stone eh?!#cabinetreshuffle #nhs

January 8, 2018
Also, will @Jeremy_Hunt now have to wear two badges, one with NHS on and one with social care on? Will the two badges be integrated? Or will they be outsourced to Virgin?

January 8, 2018
Hunt was also criticised for not attending an urgent question tabled by Labour shadow health minister Jonathan Ashworth, who accused the government of failing to take proper action to address increased pressures on the NHS.

I’m sat in the Commons for the urgent question about the NHS winter crisis. No sign of @Jeremy_Hunt, the Health Secretary, who is focusing on his career advancement rather than the NHS crisis.

January 8, 2018
Instead Conservative health minister Philip Dunne answered by saying most hospitals have seats’ for patients who can’t be found a bed in an emergency. 
Health Minister in repsonse to patients sleeping on floors in #NHS crisis: “Most hospitals have chairs”. Well that’s all right then.



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