Nine-year-old schoolchildren ‘planned their teacher’s murder after being told off’

Nine-year-old schoolchildren ‘planned their teacher’s murder after being told off’

Schoolchildren aged nine allegedly planned to kill their teacher by smearing hand sanitiser around the classroom after they had been told off, believing her to be allergic.

Local police investigated this unusual case with school authorities at Elba Elementary School in New York State, but officers say they closed the case when it was found that the crime was planned but never committed.

According to WBKW News, while the school was given the option to send the case to youth court, they decided to deal with it internally.

Genesee County Sheriff Chief Investigator Jerome E. Brewster spoke of the unusual case: ‘I don’t know her reaction to hand sanitizer.

‘If it’s something like peanut butter – in some people it can kill you.

‘Obviously these students had been made aware that this teacher was highly allergic to anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and they started talking amongst themselves because they didn’t like the teacher.’

(Picture: Google Maps)

Elba Elementary School (Picture: Google Maps)

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