People think worms fell from the sky – but not everyone’s convinced

People think worms fell from the sky – but not everyone’s convinced

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A video showing what appears to be cars covered in worms has gone viral, with many people believing the creatures fell from the sky.

The footage, believed to be shot in Beijing, China, focuses on a number of parked cars covered in worm-like objects.

The video was shared on social media with the words ‘rain of worms’, convincing many that worms had fallen from the sky.

Some suggested it was a sign the world was coming to an end.

One comment read: ‘I’m not a religious person, but this is some first testament s*** happening in China right now.’

But a number of people put forward alternative explanations. One theory is that they are indeed worms, but ones that have been swept up in a minor tornado and later deposited.

Another possibility, some commented, is that they are worms that have come to the surface because spring has arrived and the ground is thawing.

A video shows parked cars in Beijing in China covered in what some believe is worms
Two of the cars in Beijing covered in what some believe are worms (Video: Twitter/@TheRioTimes)

The first full moon that appears in March is sometimes called the full worm moon because of this phenomenon.

A number of social media users, however, said the cars aren’t covered in worms at all – the stringy objects are instead seeds from poplar trees.

According to El Heraldo, residents in Beijing had been advised to bring their umbrellas with them if going outside that day. Though we assume this was in case of rain, not falling worms.

Chinese authorities have apparently not yet given an explanation as to what happened.

Last year, security video footage captured the moment hundreds of birds died en-masse seemingly without explanation.

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