Scientists give rats instant erections with flip of switch

Scientists give rats instant erections with flip of switch


Rats can be given erections with a flip of a switch (Picture: Alamy)

We’re not sure if this is a new torture technique or a cure for impotence, it could potentially be both.

Scientists can now trigger instant erections in rats by shining a blue light underneath them and plan to extend the service to humans in the future.

The science behind it sounds straight forward, with Professor Martin Fussenegger and his team from the University of Zurich, injecting the vermin’s erectile tissue with a special gene build that reacts to light.

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It’s definitely handy for those who struggle to get it up but it could be pretty arduous for someone if they are exposed to it continuously.

But prof Fussenegger swears he only has good intentions and the procedure is not likely to be given to government forces planning to extract information from suspects.

‘In this way, we circumvent the usual sexual stimulation that triggers a cascade of signals in the body and ultimately leads to an erection,’ he told Mirror Online.

He added: ‘We believe that if clinical trials were started tomorrow, the product could be on the market in 5-10 years.’

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