Someone steals over £30,000 of cheese dip containers ‘by mistake’

Someone steals over £30,000 of cheese dip containers ‘by mistake’

Picture: Dwight Burdette

Picture: Dwight Burdette

A trailer filled with $50,000 (£33,000) of empty cheese dip containers was stolen.

Memphis Police in Tennessee, US, were looking into the theft from Pancho’s Memphis Manufacturing.

The company offered a reward to anyone who would give information that would help them trace the stolen trailer.

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And that seems to have worked: the trailer has been returned, according to Pancho’s ‘thanks to the power of social media’.

The thief explained the theft to the owner, they say, by saying it was a ‘mistake’.

It is unclear whether the suspects have been charged. The suspects are described as a white male between 50 to 60 years old and a man with darker skin, both… Read the full story



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