Someone’s launched a petition to bring back Gropec*nt Lane to UK streets

Someone’s launched a petition to bring back Gropec*nt Lane to UK streets

B4GJ9Y Church Lane ,Ledbury, Herefordshire. Looking towards the 12C church of St Michael and All Angels.

Bring back the Middle Ages (Picture: Google)

Gropecunt Lane could be coming to a street near you.

The street name, which was associated with prostitutes in the Middle Ages, was common among UK cities in the 12th century.

They were phased out and replaced with something less sexually aggressive.

But someone launched an e-petition to get them back.

Addressed to the Department for Transport, part of it reads: ‘I feel it is important to the heritage of our nation that we reinstate all the former Gropecunt Lanes.

The roads were associated with hookers (Picture: Sigit Pamungkas/Reuters)

‘In the Middle Ages it was common for a town or city to have at least 1 street of the name Gropecunt Lane. Sadly the last reported street bearing the name was in 1561, so it would be a wonderfully patriotic gesture to reinstate this extinct relic of our cultural heritage.

‘Just imagine the joy you’d feel when you found that you no longer lived on Magpie Lane or Parsons Street, but instead you lived on Gropecunt Lane.’

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Sadly, the e-petition was rejected for a number of reasons including the fact that the Government cannot action any ‘personal issues’.

It did, however, cite that ‘naming streets is a matter for individual local authorities’.

So there is hope for Gropecunt Lane yet.



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