Student experiences Groundhog Day due to continual déjà vu

Student experiences Groundhog Day due to continual déjà vu

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Bill Murray can make anything humorous, however this student’s condition is no laughing matter (Picture:Columbia Pictures)

A student has baffled doctors after a chronic and apparently ongoing case of déjà vu has led him to believe he has already experienced his entire life.

Just like Bill Murray’s character in the film Groundhog Day, the 23-year-old cannot watch TV or read a paper because he thinks he has seen it all before.

Doctors who are trying to treat the man say he doesn’t suffer any of the neurological conditions usually exhibited by people experiencing continual déjà vu.

The unfortunate man told doctors he was ‘trapped in a time loop’, and has been forced to drop out of university due to the condition which has blighted his life for the past eight years.

Although the unnamed student had a history of anxiousness, brain scans and psychoanalyses showed no visible issues in his brain.

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Some neuroscientists say that prolonged experiences of déjà vu are usually sparked by panic attacks, epileptic fits, and even ingesting LSD.

Dr Christine Wells, who published a report on the student in Journal of Medical Case Reports said: ‘Rather than simply the unsettling feelings of familiarity which are normally associated with déjà vu, our subject complained that it felt like he was actually retrieving previous experiences from memory, not just finding them familiar.’

Sadly it seems unlikely that the student will develop any abilities like Mr Murray here:



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