Taylor Swift Hacker Says He Has 'Around Six' Nude Photos To Sell. Swift Says Nope.

Taylor Swift Hacker Says He Has 'Around Six' Nude Photos To Sell. Swift Says Nope.

A hacker who briefly had control of pop star and ‘sick beat’ trademark holder Taylor Swift claims to have nude pictures of the singer to sell.

Taylor Swift says he’s lying.

In an interview with the hacker (‘Veri’), Gawker’s Sam Biddle reports that the hacker claims to have “around six” naked selfies from Swift’s account.

So who’s right?

Veri – who has previously pretended to be a member of Islamic State, apparently – said he got the photos by examining a backup of Swift’s iPhone he managed to download after hacking her ‘obvious’ AOL email.

He had previously bragged about the hack on Twitter – though his account is now suspended.

“I tried contacting Taylor several times regarding her security and she didn’t listen,” the hacker told Gawker. “I wish [she] cooperated with me, I could’ve helped her a lot.”

But Swift immediately denied that she had any nude pictures to sell – and claimed that anyone offering such pictures was actually peddling Photoshopped images.

The hacker refused to show any confirmation of the images’ existence. He said merely that he was attempting to pass them on to entertainment website TMZ — a site that in the past has flatly refused to publish nude photos gained through hacking.

To prove he hacked the account Veri did publish an image of an (incredibly boring) private Direct Message chat between Swift and Girls creator Lena Dunham. He said he wasn’t able to load more than one full conversation before Twitter reset the password.

He also told Gawker that if he can’t sell the images – if they exist – he may just keep them, or delete them.

There doesn’t seem to be too much for Swift to be worried about – and indeed Gawker reports that he doesn’t even seem to know why he hacked Swift in the first place. Which makes the whole thing feel about as real as salacious as this picture.



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