The aliens who stumble across these nine Wikipedia pages in space may be too shocked to make contact

The aliens who stumble across these nine Wikipedia pages in space may be too shocked to make contact

Star Wars

If aliens do stumble across Wikipedia as a result of scientists beaming the website into space, they may come across these bizarre and interesting facts.

Experts at California’s The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute will apparently use radio telescopes to make contact but after viewing these pages, the aliens may not reply.

9. The Star Wars Jedi Knight census phenomenon

If real Jedis discover Wikipedia they’ll be pleased to know there’s a lot them already on Earth.

That’s according to several censuses, which were filled out by people who put down the order as their religion.

8. Spite houses

People build homes just to spite each other when they have disputes.

When Joseph Richardson wasn’t happy with an offer he received on his land in 1895 he built one such home to annoy the bidder.

Spite house, Wikipedia

The Richardson Spite House was built in 1895 (Picture: Wikipedia)

7. The hum

There’s a mysterious humming noise only a few people can pick up and it has been heard in Bristol (I can’t hear it).


There’s a mysterious hum only a few people can hear (Picture: Getty Images)

6. Formicophilia

Humans are turned on by ants and other insects when they are bitten and crawled on by them.

Ants, Wikipedia

Insects are apparently sexy (Picture: Getty Images)

5. Bullet proof vests

When you’re a convicted criminal like late rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB) (which means people may want to kill you) you’re not allowed to wear a bullet proof vest.

PS: He wasn’t killed by a gunshot.

Ol' Dirty Bastard

Ol’ Dirty Bastard may have needed a bullet proof vest (Picture: Getty Images)

4. Rat king

According to Wikipedia this monstrosity of intertwined rats exists.

Rat king, Wikipedia

This is a Rat king and it’s disgusting (Picture: getty Images)

3. Small penis rule

Saying someone has a small penis can save you from a libel lawsuit as no-one wants to admit they have a small penis.

The crafty rule was thought up by some authors in America when writing about people in books.

Small penis

The small penis rule is a thing (Picture: Getty Images)

2. List of unusual deaths

People die in very silly ways as shown in this Wikipedia entry. They include dying by laughter and having a horn pushed up your anus.

1. Dancing Plague of 1518

Dancing uncontrollably for days is also one of the silly ways in which they die.




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