The ancient Greeks actually had a drinking game, and it’s more hardcore than beer pong

The ancient Greeks actually had a drinking game, and it’s more hardcore than beer pong

Dionysiac krater

‘Chug! Chug! Chug!’ (Picture: DeAgostini / Getty)

You think you’re so original because you and your mates invented a drinking game in university, don’t you?

Well, you were 2,000 years late to the party, because it turns out the first ever drinking game might have been invented by the ancient Greeks.

In the days of antiquity elite Greek men used to sit around smashing booze (well, wine really), before hurling their dregs at a target in the centre of the room.

This is where the game, which was called Kottabos, starts to get a bit… dark.

Players who were still sober enough to have a good aim were rewarded with food, dancers, and sometimes sexual favours, before slaves were hurled in to clean the wine (and presumably vomit) stained floors.

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Several ancient images and texts feature Greek men playing Kottabos, and the game seemed to have some variants, such as the men throwing their wine dregs at a balanced disk to knock it over, or sometimes trying to sink small dishes floating in a pool.

Heather Sharpe, an assistant professor of art history at West Chester University of Pennsylvania who has been studying the game, even tried playing a much cleaner version with her students.

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‘It took a fair amount of control to actually direct the wine dregs, and interestingly enough, some of the women were the first to get it,’ she said.

And look how far we have come in 2,000 years.



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