The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Show One

The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Show One

Fresh from promoting the X Factor champion Ben Haenow, Team Midas are ready to do it all again in 2015. With Christmas now a distant memory the first big singing completion is back. People of the UK, it’s the return of The Voice.

Sir Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson are joined by new coach Dean Midas….I mean Rita Ora. No, there is no resemblance!

As last year, I still have my very own red swivel chair at home and like the coaches, I will listen to the acts with my back turned to the singers. I will tell you honestly if I turn my chair. By the end of the blind auditions, Team Midas will also have our very own 12 singing stars.  

After giving my chair a bit of WD40 I am ready to go. So who is the first up on The Voice 2015? 

After the opening coach performance, all is quiet. Starting to wonder if everyone had gone home! Then the singing started. I recognise that voice. It’s the first Team Midas pick of 2015, the fantastic Letitia George. My chair turned as did three other coaches, Ricky, Rita and Sir Tom. Letitia has an amazing voice, likeability and passion to succeed. Great start. Letitia joins Team Midas and Team Ricky. For the record, I love BBQ sauce on my chicken Letitia. 

I love classical music so West End theatre worker Lucy O’Byrne was really going to test my spinning chair. She was vocally perfect but it just wasn’t enough. I do like her though. Thankfully Will disagreed and Lucy ended up on his team. 

Music tutor Howard ‘Jack Black’ Rose entered the voice to try and fulfil his dream of becoming a rock star. I found his voice interesting and his range was awesome. The problem is, I was so into his vocal I forgot to turn my chair. That is the honest truth. Pants. Howard joined Team Sir Tom. 

Kym Marsh’s daughter Emilie Cunliffe was hoping to continue the good start but it is, ‘Pure and Simple’ she needs someones chair to turn. I like the tone of her voice and I did turn my chair. The problem is, none of the TV coaches did. So as much as I like Emilie’s voice and look. she frustratingly can’t join my team. Those are the rules. 

After not getting through last year Ryan Green was hoping for a change of fortune and thankfully he got it when Rita turned her chair. It was a great audition but it wasn’t for me. 

Bungle, I mean Paul Cullihan was hoping his audition would end with five chairs spinning, sadly there was no ‘rainbow’ at the end of his performance and he went home.

Teaching assistant Hannah Symons knocked it out of the ball park and was the first act to get every chair turned. She was amazing, great vocally and once my chair was facing her, she also looks fantastic. After much soul searching I decided not to put her on Team Midas. I hope I don’t regret this. Hannah decided on Ricky’s Team.

Matt Eaves and youngster Stephen McLaughlin both gave it their best shots but sadly none of us went for them. Keep at it lads.

Last up tonight is fireman, (calm down ladies) Stevie McCrorie who, during his VT has already started to win me over. I really hope he can sing. 10 seconds in and my chair tuned. Wow, wow, wow. Vocal perfection. He has the whole package and his audition gave me goosebumps. This is the start of something special. Welcome to Team Midas Stevie. After a bit of soul searching Stevie also joined Team Ricky.

Week one is done and dusted and we end with Letitia and Stevie on Team Midas.

Right, I’m off to watch old episodes of Rainbow…see you next week.



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