The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Show Three

The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Show Three

Team Midas already have four places taken in the shape of Letitia George, Stevie McCrorie, Classical Reflection and Jade Hewitt. So with eight places left to fill, will anyone get my chair to turn and join us?….and will they also be on my mate Ricky’s team. 

Just like the coaches, I have my own spinning red chair. I will also listen to the acts with my back turned. At the end of the blind auditions, I too, will have my very own team. Team Midas. 

First up, was Stephanie Webber and I heard a chair turn after a few seconds. Is that you Ricky? Her performance was powerful, energetic and pretty faultless. I nearly turned then stopped, then nearly turned again. Then the music stopped. Holy pants. One to consider for the later steal. All four coaches turned and Stephanie picked Sir Tom.

Swimming instructor Josh McDonough and ex basketball player Otty Warmann were both hoping to get one of us to turn. Sadly no one did. Good luck guys.

Games teacher Joe Woolford or the Welsh Michael Jackson, as one of his pupils called him, was hoping to get us all back on track. It started nervy but as his confidence grew, his vocal got better and better. Not enough for me to turn but Rita, Ricky and Sir Tom did. Joe decided on Rita.

As the chairs spun back, twins James and Daniel Duke auditioned but separately. With the whole family watching Daniel went first. His voice was distinctive and beautiful. It was a great audition. With time running out Will, Rita and Sir Tom turned. Not surprisingly me and my coach twin Ricky didn’t. Daniel ended with Sir Tom.

I warmed to family woman Shirleymarie’s VT and was really willing her on. Personally, I think the song choice did her no credit. Saying that, she has a nice voice and although nervy, the potential is there. I gambled and turned but like last week, I need one of the TV coaches to turn. I waited but to no avail. Game over. Good luck Shirleymarie. 

This next guy is good, I have to spin my chair…oh blimey, it’s Ricky. 

Van driver Liss Jones…eh hold on our X Factor champ Ben Haenow was a van driver. Fate. It started off great and got stronger and stronger. Bloody brilliant. What a vocal, world class. Absolutely amazing. My chair turned very quickly. I am proud to say that Liss joins Team Midas. Liss also joins Rita. 

After seeing his twin Daniel get through, it was now James’ turn. The song is not doing him any justice. I can hear that there is something there, but not with this song. The clock ran down with no one turning. 

Black Lace front man Dene Michael Congo’d his way in to the studio. He also pushed a few pineapples as he walked onto the stage. My guilty pleasure as I grew up has now passed onto my young daughter. She loves Black Lace. Plays them on loop, not a song we don’t know! There is no way on this earth, I am going to say anything bad about the very likeable and fun Dene. 

Emmanuel Nwamadi has the deepest voice I have ever heard. He also sounds like a top bloke. He has a strong and effortless voice and I could listen to him all night. I did turn my chair but as decision time ran out, I hadn’t committed to making him a member of Team Midas. I lost my chance. Emmanuel ended on Team Ricky. 

The last singer tonight was Esmee Denters. I have heard of Esmee and I know she can sing. She is on the comeback trail and The Voice has given her an opportunity to get back in the shop window. I was very undecided. I did turn my chair at the last second because her voice is great and she looks amazing but I just didn’t connect with her. Esmee ended with Team Will. 

That’s it, week three done and dusted. Team Midas now have five places filled, with seven to go.

Right, I’m off to do the conga….see you next week



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