This beady-eyed little primate could well have inspired Yoda

This beady-eyed little primate could well have inspired Yoda


Turn away from the dark side, you must (Picture: REX)

People have long wondered how George Lucas came up with the character design for Yoda (and his kooky, non-sensicle way of speaking), however the mystery may have just been resolved.

Some fans of Star Wars are now saying that the beady-eyed tarsier, a tree-dwelling primate found in the Philippines, Indonesia and Borneo may have been the inspiration behind the iconic Jedi master.

As far as we are aware the tarsier can neither wield a lightsaber nor use telekinesis, however he does have wide eyes, large ears, and wears a look that suggests he is wise in the ways of the force.

Just like Yoda when he is fighting Count Dooku, they can also jump incredible heights (more than 40 times its body height), however only at night when they become active.

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Great powers, this weird little monkey-thing, must have (Picture: Chesnot/Getty Images

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They also have some of the biggest eyes in relation to body size of any animal on the planet, and communicate to one-another via ultrasound.

Check out their mesmerising stare in the video below (and get ready for some serious ‘awwwwww’).

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