This cat either thinks he’s dog, or is possessed by a dead one

This cat either thinks he’s dog, or is possessed by a dead one


We don’t want to alarm Teddi’s owner but after seeing him perform tricks you’d normally find hounds doing, it might be time to call in the pet exorcist.

He could be possessed by the spirit of a dog.

The feline can be seen jumping through hoops and slaloming poles on the Teddi’s Tricks YouTube channel.

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Teddi the cat

Teddi the cat performing a trick (Picture: SWNS)

If that wasn’t impressive enough, he can also change TV channels and ring the bell for room service.

This all adds up to one thing, he’s possibly under the spell of a ghost hound that doesn’t want pass on to the other side (animal heaven).

 Barbara Connor

Owner Barbara Connor with Teddi (Picture: SWNS)

But owner Barbara Connor, 55, seems content after teaching Teddi 20 incredible tricks.

‘I have a lot of fun thinking up creative ways for him to do things. If he thinks he’s a dog, that would be my fault,’ said the Scot, who currently lives in Malaga, Spain.

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