This public toilet is truly the best toilet you’ll ever see

This public toilet is truly the best toilet you’ll ever see

Public toilet in Shell petrol station in Phillipppines

This is not what normal gas station toilets look like (Picture: YouTube/bigsmilenoteeth)

‘I’m at a Shell station, and I want to take you to the toilet here.’

It’s not every day you get an invitation to visit a petrol station toilet. And it’s not every day you’d want to take it up.

Let’s face it, petrol station toilets are usually fly-infested germholes with the heady stench of urine hanging in the air.

But this one is different. It’s totally pimp – art on the walls, ornaments, classical music playing and coffee table books to peruse while you go about your business.

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And, according to YouTube user bigsmilenoteeth, who made a mini-documentary about the swanky loo, it smells ‘super-menthol’. ‘It’s awesome,’ he says. ‘This toilet is better than my entire apartment.’

Unfortunately for most of us, the blockbusting bog is at a Shell garage in the Phillippines.

You’ll have to keep going with your makeshift loo roll seat cover for now.



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