This wordcloud of the 100 most used passwords is, well, terrifying

This wordcloud of the 100 most used passwords is, well, terrifying

(Picture: David Glover-Aoki)

Click to see the poorly chosen passwords up close (Picture: David Glover-Aoki)

Not a week goes by without some politician or a supermarket having their Twitter account hacked, shortly followed by numerous pictures of male genitalia being posted under their name.

We always think of some computer mastermind spending hours hacking into the digital fabric of the internet to undertake their juvenile pranks, but it turns out it’s probably not too difficult to do this.

Reddit David Glover-Aoki user recently made a wordcloud to find the most common passwords using a sample of 100 from data released by Xato.

The results are pretty frightening.

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The most frequently used password is simply ‘123456’, with ‘password’, ‘12345678’, and ‘querty’ all featuring fairly heavily as well.

Some slightly strange choices seemed to crop up a lot, including ‘fuckme’, ‘letmein’, ‘fuckyou’, and even ‘dragon’ (GoT reference, perhaps?).

While it may be funny to look at the strange things people choose to protect large swathes of their personal data, it does point out how vulnerable some people are to cyber attacks or identity theft.

So maybe you shouldn’t moan the next time a website says your password needs a number and a character…

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