Tourist gets stuck in club’s air vent after trying to sneak in

Tourist gets stuck in club’s air vent after trying to sneak in

You’ve had a bit too much to drink, along comes the bouncer and you get kicked out of the club. It happens. Go elsewhere. Better yet, go home.

Don’t do this.

A tourist has been charged after getting wedged in the air vent of a club while trying to sneak in.

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Irishman Hugh McMahon, 18, was refused re-entry after twice being kicked out of Sin City in Gold Coast, Australia, so he decided to try and get in by other means. He was spectacularly unsuccessful.

Emergency services were called at 1.30am local time to free McMahon after he got stuck in a vent.

Having been freed, the tourist was promptly arrested by police and later charged with entering premises after being refused entry, wilful damage and trespass.

Police said McMahon was first escorted out after falling asleep on a sofa. He then managed to find his way back in but was ejected after bouncers found him on the dance floor.

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Sin City Nightclub. air vent guy 3.JPG nightclub airvent -.JPG Maximum two grabs please.

The man had been kicked out twice before he decided to try and find a way in through the vent (Picture: Google)

He pleaded guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Ron Kilner, sentencing, told McMahon: ‘Drunk or sober it is a remarkably stupid thing you’ve done.’

He was fined $900 and ordered to pay $1,700. No conviction was recorded.



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