Town behind weird lane markings has now created a ‘bike lane crop circle’

Town behind weird lane markings has now created a ‘bike lane crop circle’
circle lines
It has caused a bit of confusion in Clevedon, Somerset (Picture: SWNS)

A seaside town is stumbling for answers to explain a new road marking that looks more like ‘an alien landing pad’.

The Somerset town of Clevedon has already had its fair share of weird and wacky lines this year.

Just last month, a new road layout featuring wiggly white lines left locals totally flummoxed.

Council bosses said they were designed to calm traffic, but this didn’t stop people performing the conga across them in protest.

Now the ‘mysterious’ overnight appearance of a strange circle has left residents wondering what on earth is going on.

Cathy Hawkins said: ‘Is it a crop circle for tarmac? Is it a warning of alien craft arriving to inspect the carnage on Clevedon seafront?

‘Clevedon residents are completely baffled.’

circle lines
Who knows what this is meant to be? (Picture: SWNS)
wiggly lines
The town is already home to strange wiggly lines (Picture: SWNS)
It looks like most of the town joined the conga for the squiggly line protest (Picture: SWNS)

North Somerset Council has once again been approached for comment by

Clevedon isn’t the only place where freshly painted white lines haven’t made much sense.

Drivers and cyclists in Birmingham were both left puzzled by a ‘cycle lane’ only seven feet in length.

Just as in Clevedon, council bosses said it was installed to make the road safer.

Then to add even more confusion, the town hall denied the markings were actually a cycle lane, but for ‘formal transition purposes’ to help cyclists exit a nearby crossing.

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