*Unhappy face*: Woman left with £1,200 phone bill for using emojis

*Unhappy face*: Woman left with £1,200 phone bill for using emojis

(Picture: Daily Record)

Paula Cochrane (Picture: Daily Record)

There’s an emoji to express every emotion.

In this instance, Paula Cochrane uses one to express her shock at being charged £1,200 to use the darn things.

The 48-year-old didn’t know the cartoon faces were billed as picture messages and costing her £1 a pop, report the Daily Record.

Paula said: ‘I am raging. I have never heard of this before and I’ve had a mobile phone for years.

‘Even the staff at my local EE shop were shocked when I told them. They knew nothing about it.’

Paula, of Airdrie, took an upgrade by EE to a £30.99-a-month, two-year contract in September.

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The first bill in November amounted to £100.92, but she put it down to her using the phone more than usual.

But when she called EE to complain she was horrified when they said her December bill was £449.

She received a further account of £486 for January and has a £156 bill pending for February. The total owed is £1192.

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A spokesperson for EE said: ‘Ms Cochrane incurred a series of charges for emojis which were sent in the form of MMS messages and fall outside of her monthly tariff.

‘There are a number of factors which can affect whether customers are charged for sending an emoji.

‘In this case it was caused by the settings on her handset and so this is a manufacturer – rather than a network – issue.

‘We offered to add a credit to her account but this was refused.’

Paula is taking her case to the ombudsman and I’d be keen to hear from other readers who have had similar problems.

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