Why I Think Kim Kardashian Is a Genius

Why I Think Kim Kardashian Is a Genius

With an estimated net worth topping £41 million, it boggles the mind how someone with no discernible talents has managed to keep her grip on fame and fortune quite as much as Kim Kardashian. Despite a killer wardrobe and enviable good looks, it’s hard to see exactly what it is that she adds to society.

Did she cure an unknown disease? No. Did she take a stand against one of the many social issues that affect women? No. Maybe she voiced an opinion about the current global warming debate… nope, wrong again.

Other than being an overrated clothes horse, it’s hard to see the value added when it comes to Kim K. However despite all the arguments against the all-encompassing Kardashian brand, you can’t help but secretly admire her business acumen. With the help of Momager (a term coined by Kris Jenner herself), Kim has managed to align herself with every brand, cause and marketable idea going. As I attended this year’s National Television Awards and was forced to watch as Momager herself Kris bundled her way through presenting an award, it was a prime example of style without substance, especially considering the fat cheque she no doubt collected for services rendered.

Like mother like daughter, if it’s profitable, she will pout and sign on the dotted line. Of course she’s laughing all the way to the bank, literally skipping there in her five inch, custom made, rare animal skin Louboutins.

Now as much as I’d like to place all the blame at Kim K’s well pedicured feet, it must be said that the fault does not entirely lie with her. Unfortunately Kim is only the result of society’s obsession with appearance, materialism and all that sparkles and shines on the surface, because mark my words if Kim didn’t have a face that could launch a thousand ships, we wouldn’t be remotely interested in what she ate for breakfast.

The media constantly bombard us with images and stories about these pretty young women, who are doing the most absurdly controversial things. Reinforcing the stereotype that as long as you’re good looking there’s no need to engage your brain and despite the fact that Kim is mostly portrayed as a monosyllabic Barbie doll, she must in fact be highly intelligent and a very shrewd business woman to be able to remain so high in the public’s consciousness even when she’s having something as inane as a bad hair day.

The worrying thing is that it is the generation behind me who are paying the price, growing up with roles models such as the Geordie Shore and Towie cast and aspiring to be nothing but rich, slim and pretty. These women have a lot more going for them but unfortunately that doesn’t make for good entertainment. A perfect example of this is the case of Josie Cunningham, who courts controversy at every turn, the more outrageous she acts, the more publicity she receives. What are young girls meant to think when they are repeatedly faced with representations of women who acquire notoriety from such scandalous behaviour. Many young girls today aim for nothing more than to marry a footballer and become rich and famous, in a many cases, at any means necessary. The portrayal of unrealistic body images such as Kim K’s is also another issue that is highly detrimental to the positive and healthy images we want our young girls to have. I hav sometimes caught myself looking in the mirror, in judgement at what I’ve kindly been told is a perfectly pert bum. Resorting to giving myself a verbal telling off, as it wasn’t that long ago I thought it was too big and moved heaven and earth to shed the extra 2 stone. Most women have body issues and unfortunately probably always will, but continually staring at something so unattainable cannot be healthy.

It’s about time that the media are held accountable for the role they have played in pulling women back to the dark ages, where we were thought of as nothing more than empty headed, sexualised vessels. It’s important that these outlets recognise the social pandemic they are creating and begin promoting role models more responsibly. Women have made strides in business and society, we are wives, we are mothers, we are entrepreneurs and leaders in business and society. There should be much more of these figureheads, epitomising the modern day woman, taking centre stage in the media and being held up as a beacon to both men and women coming up behind them – even if they happen to be immaculately dressed while doing so.

Lauren Riley is a former Apprentice star and founder of the new age legal app ‘The Link App.’ Follow her on twitter @misslaurenriley and http://www.thelinkapp.co.uk/



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