Why It's a Disgrace Racist Corrie Star Ken Morley Gets to Stay in CBB

Why It's a Disgrace Racist Corrie Star Ken Morley Gets to Stay in CBB

Is keeping racist Ken Morley in CBB just a ploy to boost the show’s ratings?

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has to go down as one of the most shambolic seasons in reality TV history.

Just look at last Saturday night’s show – an alleged sexual assault and derogatory racial slurs all in one episode.

CBB took instant action in separating Jeremy Jackson overnight after he was accused of groping model Chloe Goodman, then, just to be safe, they unceremoniously booted the fallen Baywatch star out through the side door – which was the right thing to do.

So what measures are in place to make sure Ken Morley, who played household name Reg Holdsworth in Corrie back in the day, doesn’t strike again and call Alexander a ‘nice big fat negro’ and refer to black children in derogatory terms by sticking to his guns and saying ‘pickaninny’?

I’m sorry but watching Ken spout out those words for his own entertainment was uncomfortable viewing not just for black people but so many of the white public not to mention my friends who were up in arms about it too.

In previous years people would have got booted out straight away for using racist language.
But Ken got off with just a warning.

Now he will be given the dignity of a proper eviction night exit – leaving with his pay check in tact.

Just what he wanted.

And arguably just what Channel 5 needed to boost its ratings.

While we all love a bit of scandal, a juicy love triangle or a feisty row to sink our teeth into, CBB has sunk to a new low by putting in characters such as Ken who obviously don’t have a filter, don’t care who they offend regardless or race, colour or sexuality. In short, Ken’s a joker.

And as Alexander O’Neal so eloquently put it, if he called another black man a ‘negro’ and addressed their kids in derogatory terms ‘that would get your ass kicked.’

Hearing Alexander talk to Big Brother in the diary room about it afterwards was uncomfortable viewing too as he admitted that Ken made him feel bad about himself.

This is a legendary US 80s singer here who seems harmless enough with his giant bear hugs in the house, but he was made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the house by Ken. Ken, whose supposed to be a national treasure after starring in Britain’s most popular soap Corrie for a decade. Outrageous!

I thought we’d come a long way since Netflix shows Django Unchained and I Am Slave, so it’s embarrassing to see these ignorant scenes being played out in 2015.

All too often in reality TV shameful racism and bad behaviour is overlooked or swept under the carpet for the sake of good entertainment.

By not booting Ken out immediately is it saying to the nation it’s ok to be racist if all you’ll get is a slapped wrist? And Perez is right, you can’t just blame everything on being drunk. Ken has been offensive towards women, black people, and gay people in under a week of being in the show.

In the words of Alexander himself, I’m fed up with him, all he seems to do is criticise! Sure the CBB house might be quieter without motormouth Ken, but it would certainly be a safer place without that buffoon.



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