Why January Crash Diets Don't Work!

Why January Crash Diets Don't Work!

We have all at some point fallen for the attraction of the January crash diet. Endless rounds of mince pies, mulled wine and Terry’s chocolate orange have left you feeling “bloated”, to put it lightly – and it’s likely that the constant question of New Year’s resolutions has resulted in many of us promising ourselves this year we WILL lose two stone.

Unfortunately we are not all programmed to be gym-bunnies and live off green juice, so come the first of February the gym regulars tend to get their normal routine back, while many of us might find ourselves with a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, not really understanding how it happened. It feels as though you’ve failed, but you’ve really just been unrealistic.

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Instead, join us on JamieOliver.com, Food Tube, Drinks Tube and Jamie Magazine where we’ve got an amazing line up of tasty meals, including chunky chowders, baked bean feasts, magical muesli and perfect pork dishes. These dishes are packed full of nutritional goodness and will have you thinking how simple, honest and healthier food can be just as delicious as full-fat, super-sweet or salty versions.

This easy and delicious brunch recipe is packed with protein, nutrients and essential energy. Using the South American grain quinoa and layered with tomatoes, beans, chillies, avocados, herbs and topped with an egg, it’s got everything you need to set you up and see you through the day.

Easy, affordable, tasty and comforting. This vegetarian soup recipe from our dear Donal has everything you want and is super-healthy too. Soft potato, fragrant onion, woody herbs and sweet corn all wrapped in a warm and hearty chowder – it’s like a big hug on a comfy sofa.

Here’s a great meat-free version of a classic dish. Packed with beans, pulses, vegetables and herbs then topped with soft sweet potato and finished with crispy breadcrumbs, this healthy vegan recipe is great for everyone.

Danielle’s back with her Super Healthy Sunshine Drink – packed full of delicious ingredients that will make you feel great. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

And finally, we welcome the lovely Becky Sheeran to Drinks Tube – tea lover and YouTuber of TalkBeckyTalk. Becky’s here to show you her delicious and healthy Lemongrass Green Tea Infusion – a really fresh-tasting hot drink with flavours of lemon and mint. Forget using boring tea bags and make your own tasty teas at home!

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