Why Jeremy Clarkson Had to Go

Why Jeremy Clarkson Had to Go

With my past amateur racing career, I have a passion for driving cars – particularly, fast cars.
Obviously, watching “Top Gear” falls right in line with this appetite. I especially enjoy watch with my son Joshua, who is an avid fan.

It’s the perfect scenario for father-and-son bonding time. Suffice it to say, he and I are very familiar with Top Gear as well as its hosts: James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson.

So when news hit about the BBC firing Jeremy Clarkson, I wanted to find out what happened. What I read online shocked me!

From my perspective, celebrities (like Clarkson) are admired and looked up to by countless individuals.

And as a celebrity, one should do one’s best to live above reproach; they should do everything possible to meet those expectations.

Now, I don’t know the full picture of what happened; however, regardless of what I’ve read or what the full picture may present, no one has the right to use alleged racist comments, or physically hit or abuse others because their emotions got the best of them.

According to reports, that’s what happened.

Celebrities are often considered role models. And, if we want them to continue as such, we need to set a precedent and not condone this type of behavior.

Therefore, I applaud the BBC for the decision to end Clarkson’s contract. I’m sure they considered the business consequences, but this decision needed to be founded by moral principles.



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